Strong Defense Against DWI Charges

The criminal penalties associated with a drunk driving conviction can result in serious personal and financial losses, including the loss of driving privileges, costly fines and time behind bars. If you are currently facing DWI charges, it is important to understand and exercise your legal rights.

The Vargas Law Office provides aggressive criminal defense representation to individuals who are facing misdemeanor and felony DWI charges in Texas. Our firm's founding attorney, Daniel Vargas, helps clients understand the charges and penalties they face and weigh their legal options.

Standing Up For Your Rights

Cases involving allegations of drunk or drugged driving can be complex. Every DWI case involves a unique set of facts and circumstances that must be closely considered and examined when formulating the best legal strategy. Some of the considerations that may relate to and be important in your case include:

  • Was a traffic stop lawful?
  • Are the results of a Breathalyzer test valid?
  • Were you ill or injured at the time of a traffic stop?
  • Did a police officer make requests outside the scope of a normal DWI stop?

If you live in the Edinburg or Fort Worth area and are facing DWI charges, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Beat Drunk Driving Charges

At all times, we pursue an approach that achieves the best possible legal outcome and minimizes the damage that a DWI conviction can have on your life.

Call our firm today at 956-287-3743 to discuss your case with a DWI defense lawyer and to learn more about how we can help overcome the legal challenges you face. You can also contact us online through our website.